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Our Charities

The practice of Charity is one of the cornerstones of a Masonic life.


We believe that, for Freemasonry to be relevant, its members must be uplifted to a higher level of behaviour – and demonstrating a genuine concern for those less fortunate is just one area in which this philosophy can manifest itself.

Today, the value of Southern Division’s charitable contributions is very fast approaching R1 million per annum.

In the Southern Division, we provide several platforms through which our Brethren are able to express charitable support. We have purchased and run a block of flats and 3 Masonic Abbeyfield homes for Senior Citizens, as well as a Masonic Home for Quadriplegics. We have, for many years now, had a highly successful stall at the Maynardville Community Chest Carnival and our individual Lodges have initiated and support a variety of other projects.

Clearly, to financially enable our charitable projects, considerable fund-raising is essential and various initiatives are pursued. Southern Division’s annual Spring Ball is the gala event on our local Masonic calendar and, along with various Lodge events, provides the funding to enable us to meet our goals – although we never really have enough finance available to do as much as we would like to and additional assistance is always gratefully welcomed!