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Desmain Lodge


When it was opened in 1987, Desmain Lodge on Main Road, Plumstead was the fulfilment of Geoffrey Burchell and Andy van Niekerk’s dreams. Together, they had started working on the concept of providing Homes for Seniors some 15 years before – and now it was a reality.

Desmain Lodge is a block of 13 flats and is situated close to shops and other amenities. 12 of the flats have 2 bedrooms, while the other has 1. This facility is primarily intended for married couples and, as with all our homes, the rents are heavily subsidised. Today, the project is extremely well managed by Wor Bro Brian Rossouw and he is ably supported by a Resident’s Committee headed by Gerard Canoo. The flats are beautifully maintained and the pride of our residents is reflected in the extremely attractive appearance of the garden

Desmain is the flagship of our Masonic Homes and it will always have a special place in our hearts.