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John Smith

The Grand Lodge of South Africa is structured into 5 Divisions, being Southern, Northern, Central, Eastern and Eastern Cape. Southern Division, with its first Lodge having been established in 1772, is the oldest of these. The Division itself was founded in 1863 under the Grand East of the Netherlands. When, in 1961, the Netherlandic Lodges in South Africa elected to establish their own sovereign Grand Lodge, Southern Division was one of the pillars on which this new Grand Lodge was built. The Division has its Provincial Grand Lodge offices in Cape Town and services the needs of Lodges based in the Western Cape.

Malcolm Lötter

Southern Division is managed by a Provincial Grand Master, a Deputy Provincial Grand Master and 3 Assistant Provincial Grand Masters. Responsibility for the individual Lodges is allocated to the various PGL (Southern Division) Commissioned Officers.

The structure is :-

Provincial Grand Master R W Bro John Smith
Deputy PGM V W Bro Malcolm Lötter
de Goede Hoop (1)
Oranje (7)
Assistant PGM Wor Bro Len Kingsley
de Goede Trouw (2)
de Goede Verwachting (23)
Jacob de Mist (44)
Simon van der Stel (101)
Zur Eintracht (105)
Assistant PGM Wor Bro Avron Jacobson
Marina (25)
Bellville (42)
Mutual (53)
Hiram (108)
Perseverance (126)
Assistant PGM Wor Bro John Miller
St Jan (6)
Westerford (43)
Johan van Riebeeck (66)
Helderberg (116)
Cape Town (138)

There are also a number of present and past Grand Lodge Commissioned Officers who are full members of Lodges based in Southern Division. They are:

Grand Master
Deputy Grand Master
Past Deputy Grand Master
Assistant Grand Master
Past Assistant Grand Master
Past Provincial Grand Masters

MW Bro Armiston Watson
RW Bro Geoff Edwards
RW Bro Andy van Niekerk OSM
RW Bro Piet Coetzee
RW Bro Graham Karstens
RW Bro Alf Rhoodie
RW Bro Willie Stander

Armiston Watson
In this section we try to take a look at Southern Division as it functions in today’s world. We include the Provincial Grand Master’s latest Annual Report and articles on and pictures of some of the various activities in which our Lodges and members are involved. These range from the latest Spring Ball to the Potjiekos Competition, from Maynardville to individual Lodge activities. We look at Installations, Church Services and interactions with our Homes. The section is meant to be interesting and fun – and to introduce some of our Brethren to you, as they live their Masonic lives.