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Making Things Happen

Our Opportunities are in Our Own Hands

Someone once wrote that “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”. It has also been said that “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.

Each one of us should take advantage of the present, of today, to make use of our opportunities to make Freemasonry the organisation that it should be.

People can be classified in the following 3 groups:

  1. Those who make things happen.
  2. Those who watch things happen.
  3. Those who wonder what happened.

When we take advantage of today’s opportunities we start to become part of the group that “makes things happen”.

Now how do we accomplish this?

First we must recall and remember the lessons we were taught through the symbolic degrees….. and put into daily practice the lessons of brotherly love, relief and truth.

There has never been greater need for these three attributes – Love, Relief and Truth.

Each day as we listen to the radio or read our newspapers, we realise just how much hatred there is in the world around us. We realise just how little space and time there is for Brotherly Love. We realise just how selfish people are in their attitudes towards others.

In Relief however, as Freemasons, we generally do fairly well – that is relief in the general sense of giving alms to the poor and needy, the orphaned or helpless and the old.

Let us not forget, however, the friendly handshake or phone call made to the heartbroken or the sick. Will this form of relief not remind people that Freemasonry, in all its guises, prides itself on the practice of paying attention to those less fortunate than we are.

And what about Truth? Truth was never more needed than it is right now. Truth and honesty should be practiced continuously. What better opportunities can we take advantage of than to study our own attitudes and practices regarding truth and honesty.

It was once said that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Let us take the first step today and take advantage of the opportunities before us that will make Freemasonry and its lessons a significant part of our lives.

And right here and right now we must and will take a further positive step and make use of the opportunities before us as we strive to make this one of the more active and effective Lodges in the Southern Division. To make “our Lodge” the best it can be.

Yes, let us form part of that group that makes things happen.

W Bro Johann Haasbroek