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Enthusiasm and Success

According to Malcolm Forbes ….. your adrenalin has to race.

  • You must feel excited by achieving your objectives and excel in what you are doing;
  • You have to have a sense of being turned on by the thought of making something well;
  • It's doing something better than it has ever been done before;
  • Or creating a new manner in what you're doing right now.


Enthusiasm generates immense power. There is a vast difference between doing something with enthusiasm and joy  and doing it routinely, There is virtually no limit to what you can accomplish if you do everything of significance with enthusiasm.

Being enthusiastic is not merely talking energetically and gesturing wildly about your passion…… It can also take a quieter path. Maybe your enthusiasm is revealed by the seriousness and persistence with which you seek to get others involved. Maybe it's that spark in your eye…..or that warm smile…., and the unmistakable genuineness that shows as you explain, again and again, your mission. Enthusiasm is contagious….. An enthusiastic teacher inspires his students. An enthusiastic salesperson excites interest. An enthusiastic employer motivates his employees. Acting as if you were enthusiastic will often generate an inner sense of enthusiasm.

Ambition and energy are the key elements in making things happen…… Even a brilliant, talented and creative person will not accomplish much if he lacks drive, energy and ambition. As you increase your aspirations, enthusiasm and energy, you will transform your entire life.

The following energy-increasing technique suggested by Zelig Pliskin has proved a powerful exercise for many people:

Imagine a source of great energy surrounding you. Visualize this wonderful energy filling your entire being. Close your eyes as you feel every cell and every neuron in your body recharging with great energy. Breathe deeply and slowly as the energy source is recharging your energy stores. Think of what is was like to have had high levels of energy in the past and what it will be like to have even higher energy levels in the future. As you continue breathing, allow each breath to increase your flow of energy. Think of all the benefits you will gain as your energy recharges.'

Now this is really important ……View the world as if you were created today. Gaze in wonderment and observe everything with freshness.  Learn to appreciate what we normally take for granted. The life of someone who constantly experience the appreciation is enriched by feeling of joy, and gratitude. Also tap into your own internal resources. 

The key to all major accomplishments and success is the quality of persistence.

The ability to persist in what one is doing has enabled ordinary men to great heights of success.

And here at Lodge St Jan we must take enthusiastic and positive steps and make use of opportunities to make this one of the more active lodges in the Southern Division - to make this one our leading Lodges.

It is my wish that the Bretheren will gather around the Wor Master and support him to run this Lodge with beautiful traditions into the years ahead.

Unleash your true power by setting goals that are exciting enough to inspire your creativity and ignite your passion.

Wor Bro Johan Haasbroek