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The Maynardville Carnival

The Maynardville Carnival is the vehicle through which the Community Chest supports hundreds of Social and Welfare Agencies in the Western Cape. The Carnival, which moved to Maynardville in 1962, attracts over 100.000 visitors annually. It is the Community Chest’s biggest awareness showcase and the publicity value it generates is incalculable.

10_Maynardville_09As Freemasons, the Carnival provides us with a wonderful opportunity to provide Charity and assist those in need. At the same time, the importance of the Carnival’s contribution to promoting the image of our Order is enormous. This is one occasion when we go out and do something for the public together with the public.

Southern Division’s involvement at Maynardville started in 1985, when Lodge de Goede Verwachting committed themselves to a 3-metre frontage stall selling ice-cream cones. While the stall was small compared to other service organisations and not much money was raised, it was this initiative which resulted in Southern Division’s decision to become more involved and promote our Masonic image on a larger scale.

10_Maynardville_13In 1986, “Freemason’s Square” came into being and activities were increased to not only sell ice-cream, but to sell pancakes as well! Our upgraded stall was in the form of a square with Squares and Compasses prominently displayed. Over time, more and more Lodges have become involved and today The “Square” boasts several different stalls and a tent housing a pub. We have also enjoyed the support of our Sister Constitutions. The stand represents all the Freemasons in the Western Cape and is a fine example of how effective we can be when working together.

Maynardville__-__DonutsThe carnival lasts 4 days and, for the willing helpers involved in manning the stalls, it is 4 days of exhaustingly hard work! Freemasons and their partners make and sell hot dogs, boerewors rolls, hamburgers, chips, frozen yogurt, donuts, beer, wine and cold drinks and various other innovations have been tried at different points in time. All the income generated is for the benefit of the Community Chest.

Nowadays, “Freemason’s Square” is one of the most prominent and highest income earners at the annual event with takings approaching R200,000. The efforts of Freemasons, their partners, family and friends have more than borne fruit and make a real difference to those in need. Every single man and woman who has participated over the years, can feel justifiably proud of their contribution to the society in which we live.