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Over 200 years of History

In this section we introduce a number of articles related to Southern Division and its rich history. It is a reality that a number of men who played a leading role in the development of our city and, indeed, our country were members of Southern Division and its Lodges and we are sure that youíll enjoy exploring their backgrounds and the contributions that they have made. We introduce such men as Jacob de Mist, Sir John Truter, Sir Christoffel Brand, President Johannes Brand, Jan Hendrick Hofmeyr, Baron John de Villiers, Christian Silberbauer and others, all of whom contributed so much to our Order and the society in which we live.

The Historic de Goede Hoop Temple

We also provide articles on the de Goede Temple - a unique Masonic structure and, indeed, the oldest active Masonic temple in the Southern Hemisphere. We reveal some of its beauty to you, explore it's highs and its lows and tell you about it's rising, like a Phoenix, from the ashes.

We trust that you will find these stories interesting and that they will, indeed, stimulate you to undertake further research into the background of this historic Division.