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PGM's Annual Report 2010

I extend to you all a very hearty, fraternal and sincere welcome to this Division’s Annual General Meeting which I trust you will find enjoyable and informative.

Dit is altyd vir ons `n groot voorreg om soveel Broeders by hierdie jaarvergadering teenwoordig te hê en ek kan u almal die versekering gee dat ons al u opofferinge om vandag hier te wees, geweldig waardeer.

Opening of Andy van Niekerk House

During the year under review we were again privileged to be able to receive the Grand Master and the Officers of Grand Lodge at several of our Lodges’ ceremonial workings and at certain Provincial Grand Lodge functions. The two highlights of these visits was firstly when the Grand Master presented a 60 year jewel to RW Bro Morris Levin and 50 year jewels to RW Bro Andy van Niekerk, to RW Bro Hymie Bekker, to RW Bro Viv Saayman and to Wor Bro Klem Druker. The second highlight was surely when a Past Grand Master, MW Bro Ben Lindeque, officially opened our third Masonic Abbeyfield Home, the Andy van Niekerk House, during March 2010.

At our annual general meeting last year we were indeed privileged to also host the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Greece, the Grand Master of Ghana and his two Provincial Grand Masters as well as the Deputy Grand Master of Bulgaria.

Die volgehoue belangstelling en betrokkenheid van Groot Losie by die verrigtinge van ons Losies en van hierdie Provinsiale Grootlosie word deur myself en deur die lede van hierdie Afdeling opreg waardeer.


Ek wil graag weer van hierdie geleentheid gebruik maak om die Adjunk Provinsiale Grootmeester, Seer Agbare Broeder Malcolm Lotter, hartlik te bedank vir al u hulp en bystand hierdie jaar. Nieteenstaande die terugslae met u gesondheid, het u altyd u pligte met ywer en geesdrif uitgevoer en ons vertrou dat u gesondheid in die jaar wat voorle, sommer baie beter sal wees. Ek wil ook my Assistent Provinsiale Grootmeesters, Agbare Broeders Johan Haasbroek en Len Kingsley, hartlik bedank vir julle onskatbare en positiewe bydraes tot die bestuur en die bevordering van Vrymesselary in hierdie Afdeling. Dit word nie slegs waardeer nie, maar dit word beslis raakgesien en julle is onlangs deur die Grootmeester met ‘n aktiewe en ‘n oud Grootlosie rang onderskeidelik beloon. . 

Ek wil ook al die Provinsiale Groot Losie Ampsdraers hartlik bedank vir julle wonderlike ondersteuning, hulp en onbaatsugtiglike bydrae. Ek is werklik trots en bevoorreg om ‘n deel van julle span te wees. As gevolg van hierdie bydrae is Agbare Broeder Ronnie Smith gedurende Augustus 2009 met ‘n oud Grootlosie rang beloon en by die onlangse jaarvergadering van Grootlosie het die Grootmeester aangekondig dat hy nou ook vir Agbare Broeders Clive Daniels en Raymond Supra met soortgelyke oud Grootlosie range beloon het. 

I further wish to thank the Brethren who have accepted the invitation to join our Provincial Grand Lodge team for the ensuing year. These invitations are not given lightly or indiscriminately as it is a singular honour to receive an active Provincial Grand Lodge rank. I have the fullest confidence that the new team of Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, who will be obligated and invested later today, will fulfill all their duties with zeal and devotion.

My sincere thanks are further extended to the Provincial Grand Secretary, Rt. Wor Bro Alf Rhoodie and to his assistant, Mrs. June Cox for ensuring that this very important part of the management of our Division is maintained in good order. Your continued commitment and dedication is much appreciated.

After nine (9) years of active service as the Provincial Grand Treasurer, Wor Bro Justin Buirski has truly earned his retirement and he will deliver his last report today under a separate item on this agenda. I have no doubt that your sharp appraisal of our financial matters will be missed at the Provincial level but I look forward to your continued management of the finances of Denid Investments. Thank you most sincerely for your many years of active service to this Provincial Grand Lodge and we wish you well in all your future Masonic endeavours.

I will assume these duties in the interim and until I find a suitable incumbent for the position of Provincial Grand Treasurer. To assist me with this task, I will extend the membership of the Provincial Grand Finance Committee to include all the Commissioned Officers and the Provincial Grand Secretary. I also have the assurance from the Wor Brethren Reg Steenkamp and Tom Webb, both qualified Accountants, that they will render whatever assistance we may require.

Na nege (9) jaar van aktiewe diens as ‘n Assistent Provinsiale Grootmeester, het Agbare Broeder Johan Haasbroek ook besluit om die tuig neer te le. My woorde van opregte dank aan u my Broeder vir al u harde werk en vele opofferinge word ondersteun deur die feit dat u nou ‘n aktiewe Grootlosie Ampsdraer gaan word. Baie dankie en alle voorspoed met u Masonieke toekoms.

It is my particular privilege to announce the appointment of two new Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, Wor Bro Avron Jacobson and Wor Bro John Miller and it will give me much pleasure to obligate and invest them as such later today.

I resuscitated the Development Fund to deal with the many other projects which we have in mind and the names of Lodges and Brethren who have already made financial and other contributions to this Fund have been recorded on an honours board which is displayed in the foyer of the Provincial Grand Lodge premises. These contributions have enabled us to, inter alia, affect certain much needed upgrading to the Phiroze Gorvalla temple and the Provincial Grand Lodge premises. Although I always hesitate to single out anyone for individual praise lest I forget to mention other worthy recipients, it would be remiss of me not to publicly thank Lodge De Goede Hoop for its exceptional financial contribution. Notwithstanding this, we are far from finished with our projects and we still require further contributions of money and equipment. As there is still plenty of space left on the honours board, I would like to encourage the other Lodges and individual brethren to contact me to determine how we can best make use of the contributions which you may be able to make in this regard.

We further continue to enjoy the support of the Provincial Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch, Southern Division and we recently received a substantial donation from them for our Benevolent Fund. Thank you most sincerely for this.


We continue to enjoy a very good and close relationship with the management and the members of our Sister Divisions. In these present trying economic times I particularly wish to thank the Provincial Grand Masters and the brethren of our Sister Divisions for your attendance here today and the exceptional hospitality which we always receive from you when we visit your Divisions. It is indeed a pleasure for us to host you again this weekend.


Ons geniet ook nog steeds ‘n besondere goeie verhouding met ons Sister Konstitusies. Daar is by feitlik elke een van ons bevestigings ‘n verteenwoordiger van ons Sister Konstitusies. Op ons beurt poog ons ook om al die bevestigings seremonies van die Sister Konstitusies, waar ons ‘n uitnodiging ontvang het, by te woon. In hierdie verband wil ek die Ampsdraers van Provinsiale Grootlosie weer hartlik bedank dat julle vir my, by verskeie van hierdie aangeleenthede, verteenwoordig het.

4 Constitutions at Church Service

The “Potjiekos” competition; the annual combined Church service and the operation of the Freemason’s Square at the annual Maynardville Community Carnival have truly become inter – constitutional events. It is most pleasing to see the close and fraternal cooperation between the members of the different Constitutions in general and at these events in particular.

The Irish Constitution supports a non profit addiction center which is operated by the Harmony Group and as a result of generous donations from the other Constitutions and ourselves in assisting them with the construction of two new dormitories at this center, the Harmony Group has undertaken to provide free accommodation to one addicted person per treatment cycle who is nominated by any of the four Constitutions in this Province.

We were further privileged to attend the 150th year celebrations of the establishment of Lodge Southern Cross, the senior Lodge of the Scottish Constitution, which has been a tenant in this Temple for more than 100 years.

In their absence, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the management and brethren of our Sister Constitutions for their continued friendship and support of the Grand Lodge of South Africa in this Division.


Although we have had an encouraging number of gentlemen joining the Order, our Dutch speaking Lodge, Lodge Oranje Nassau, reluctantly handed back its Charter as it could no longer sustain itself.

Lodge of the Year - Bellville

Meeste van die ander Losies is egter aktief en maak goeie vordering en Losie Bellville het vanjaar die wisseltrofee vir die Losie van die Jaar gewen. Losie Helderberg het weereens die Liefdadigheidstrofee gewen en Losie Cape Town het die trofee vir die beste rituele werk gewen. Losie Hiram het die trofee gewen vir die Losie wat die meeste vordering gedurende die afgelope jaar getoon het.

As certain of our Lodges are struggling with membership, I appointed several brethren as nominated members of Lodge Westerford and instead of going into recess, this Lodge has had a resurgence and has initiated two candidates.

I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all the brethren in this Division who are continuing to ensure that every Candidate for a degree working receives and enjoys a quality and meaningful experience and it will give me much pleasure to award certain Past Provincial Grand Lodge ranks to certain brethren later today in recognition for their continued service to their Lodges in particular and to this Provincial Grand Lodge in general.


I again wish to extend my sincere thanks to Wor Bro Cedric Moroukian, our Provincial Grand Lodge Events Co-ordinator and the Chairman of the Communications Committee, for his continued dedication and commitment in maintaining the communication between Provincial Grand Lodge and the Lodges and their brethren by ensuring that Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter events are distributed to Lodge Secretaries per email every week. 

The members of the Tranquility Project are very active and are often called upon to render assistance at ceremonial workings and I wish to thank Very Wor Bro Malcolm Lötter and his team for all their hard work and continued dedication. 

Ons jaarlikse vergadering van die Voorsittende Meesters, Opsieners, Sekretarisse en Penningmeesters is weer by die hoofkwartier van die Kaapse Artillerie Brigade gehou en is deur ‘n bevredigende aantal broeders bygewoon. Ons het verskeie aspekte gedek en het insiggewende menings genotuleer.

The members of Lodge Bellville have established an informal Golfing Society called the “19th Holers” which is open to all enthusiastic golfers. An encouraging number of non Masons have joined this Society and seem to be enjoying, not only the golf, but also the fellowship with and the friendship of the Brethren. 


The members of this Division’s contribution at the annual Maynardville Community Carnival this year was again exceptional. A large number of Brethren and members of their families toiled until late at night to sell the food and drinks which our stall, The Freemason’s Square, had on sale. We again banked in excess of R 100 000,00 over the 4 days, which amount was most appreciated by the Community Chest. My sincere thanks are extended to Very Wor Bro Malcolm Lötter and to his Inter Constitutional Committee for their hard work and ongoing dedication and commitment to this very worthwhile project.

Potjiekos Champions - de Goede Hoop

We had a record attendance at this year’s inter constitutional “Potjiekos” competition. Lodge De Goede Hoop entered two teams and won both the first and the second prize. The “Potjiekos” Committee, under the stewardship of the English Constitution, made a substantial and very welcome donation to our Home for Quadriplegics from the proceeds of this competition.

Ons eie Liefdadigheidsfonds betaal nog steeds ‘n maandelikse bedrag aan sekere Masonieke weduwees om hulle klein inkomstes aan te vul en ons kon onlangs weer ‘n besluit neem om hierdie bedrae te vermeerder. Losies CJ Langenhoven, Oranje en Helderberg het ‘n genotvolle Golfdag gehou en het meer as R 5000,00 aan die Masonieke Opvoedkundige Fonds geskenk.

Our block of residential Retirement flats, our three residential Masonic Abbeyfield Homes and our residential Home for Quadriplegics continue to operate happily and efficiently and I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the members of the House Committees and to all the other Brethren and their wives and partners who sacrifice much of their time and energy to ensure that this remains so. The Managing Director of Denid, Rt Wor Bro Geoff Edwards, will deliver his report on the Masonic Homes under a separate item on this agenda. 

Last year’s Spring Ball was again a resounding success and the Committee donated R 50 000,00 from its proceeds to our Masonic Homes project. This amount enabled this Division to record over R 1 million worth of donations to charity during the year under review. Our 36th annual Spring Ball this evening promises to be as splendid as those of the past and I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Convenor, Rt Wor Bro Geoff Edwards and his Committee most sincerely for all their hard work and dedication in this regard. 


Gedurende Desember 2009 het ons weer ons jaarlikse dinee gehou vir die Provinsiale Groot Losie Ampsdraers en hulle gades. Soos in die verlede, het ons ook die weduwees van ons Broeders wat al heen gegaan het na hierdie dinee uitgenooi. Tradisioneel word hierdie dinee deur die Provinsiale Groot Eerste Opsieners gereel en dit is weer deur almal terdee geniet.

Ons jaarlikse Kersfees middagete vir die inwoners van ons Woonstelgebou en die Tehuise is ook deur hulle geniet, veral toe hulle hulle geskenke ontvang het. Dit was vir ons ‘n besondere spesiale geleentheid, want dit was die eerste keer dat ‘n Grootmeester hierdie middagete bygewoon het.

It is most pleasing to report that we do not only provide comfortable and affordable accommodation for the elderly and the infirm but that the members of our Lodges regularly visit these Homes and take the residents out on excursions and hold lunches and braaivleis evenings for them.

Rt Wor Bro Geoff Edwards has again compiled the Spring Ball magazine and I believe it to be one of the best ever produced. In addition to this, he has again made his usual and invaluable contribution to the compilation of this meeting’s brochure and I thank you most sincerely for your continued dedication and commitment in this regard.

We have established a Wall of Remembrance at the entrance of the Provincial Grand Lodge premises where Lodges, brethren and the family and friends of Deceased Brethren can record their names. Apart from the brethren who have been called to higher service, many of us have lost loved ones during this past year. Our earthly solace in our own personal loss can be found in the VSL. In the Book of Revelation we read : Never again will they hunger and never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat down upon them and they will always be fed by the living water of eternal life.

Freemasons Square at Maynardville

To all our visitors who we will not be seeing at the Spring Ball this evening, my sincere thanks to you again for your support and for your interest in our activities. I wish to thank all the brethren of this Division for your continued dedication and commitment to our Masonic ideals and to our plans for the future. Please also convey my personal thanks and sincere appreciation to your wives, partners and families for their continued support of all your Masonic commitments.

Finally, I wish to thank the GAOTU for sparing me for another year and for giving me the strength and the ability to fulfill my Masonic duties. I also wish to thank my wife and my family for their continued love, patience and support of all my Masonic commitments.

I trust that you will all travel safely back to your homes and to your loved ones and that we will all be blessed to participate in and enjoy all our Grand Lodge’s Jubilee celebrations during 2011.

R Wor Bro John Smith 

Provincial Grand Master, Southern Division

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